Besides being a Canadian mother, author, blogger, freelance writer, and tarot reader, what else can I tell you about myself? I will tell you.

Besides having a diploma in business from Seneca College, I also have an astrology certification from Samuel F. Reynolds that I earned in 2006.

I used to work as an SEO consultant and a social media manager before I started my writing career. I write much about mental health, spirituality, and metaphysics, and sometimes I write miscellaneous content.

I own Tarot Talk, a publication about tarot and metaphysics; The Recovering People-Pleaser, a publication about recovering from people-pleasing, mental health, and recovering from trauma; and my inner nerd comes out in my publication Quirky and Fascinating Facts.

Suppose you want to learn how tarot and mental health tie together; here is my newsletter that you will want to subscribe to, as tarot can give you the insight you need for mental health. I will send you more information about how this excellent practice can be helpful. You will also get access to my free tarot course, which you will enjoy.

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Freelance Writer, Blogger, Virtual Assistant, Tarot Reader, and Mental Health Advocate. Owner of Tarot Talk pub among 2 others!