Allow Yourself To Listen To Your Intuition And See What Happens

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When I ignored my intuition and only performed actions by my emotions and mindless chatter in my head, I failed miserably.

Each and every time I did not pay attention to what my heart and what my gut was telling me, I never succeeded. Your heart and your gut are what you lean on when it comes to following your intuition. Both serve different purposes, but let’s talk more about that at another time. What I did instead only perform actions by my emotions and from any mindless chatter that was going on in my head.

This happened so many times in my life that I never figured out if I ignored my intuition, I would end up in a disastrous situation. Let me share an example with you.

Back in 2007, it was a terrible year for personal reasons which I will talk about in the future. I really wanted to work from home instead of being the SAHM that didn’t feel appreciated (my negative emotions stemmed from that as well). I looked at different work-at-home options. Back then, there were not many options other than becoming a representative of a multi-level-marketing company which I definitely did not want to do.

However, I looked into becoming a medical transcriptionist. I thought that was a great possibility where I could work from home and make some good money. But my heart and my gut were screaming at me noooooo don’t do it, it is so wrong for you! You will regret it if you go ahead with it.

I ignored what my intuition was telling me. No wait, let me correct that. I ignored what my intuition was screaming. All I know is that I wanted to make money and I wanted to try medical transcription for no real good reason. I paid for a costly course in medical transcription that I would do through correspondence. My husband discouraged me from taking it because he knew it was the wrong fit. But I also did it in defiance because I hated being told what to do.

And over time, as I took the course, I hated it. My intuition kept yelling at me that it was wrong. However, I still wanted to take it because it had the potential for me to make a lot of money (so I believed anyway). It was a practical course to take, and dammit I paid for it. But as time elapsed, I was more miserable and hated it even more. I dreaded going through one practice after another. When it was time for the exam, I took it and failed it miserably. I had to give up on it, and that is when I knew that was the right option.

However, that was not the end of my problems. In addition to lost time from wasting it on that course, I lost money too. Money that I would not get back, ever. I was in debt even further. So here I was, more miserable than I was before. I felt like even more of a failure than ever. And I was broke on top of that.

Guess what? That was a major lesson I had to learn. And that was when I got that ah-ha moment. That was the confirmation I needed to go through my intuition and to not do anything based on my negative emotions and mindless thinking.

Through this, I realized to always listen to my intuition, so I don’t go onto a path that is completely wrong for me. From there on, I made sure that whatever I chose to do career-wise, I listen to both, my heart and my gut. The same went for making any other major life decisions.

After that is when my intuition nudged me strongly to begin working on the things that I really wanted to work on. I worked on the things that were right for me. And the only reason I did not jump into those things was because of being paralyzed by hesitation.

Then, I was able to overcome hesitation and fear. I began practicing astrology and the tarot, and also got into freelance writing and as well as online marketing. The fact that I was successful in all of it was proof that I did the right thing by listening to what my heart and gut were telling me.

Allow yourself to do the same. Sit down in a quiet space. Ask yourself honestly if what you plan on doing is something that is really right for you. Especially if you have been feeling anxiety over doing something that you plan to do. Ignore your emotions when you ask yourself that question. Tap into what you feel deep down, which is your intuition. What is it telling you? You listen to that, and you only listen to that.

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