How Do You Develop Your Intuition For Tarot Card Reading?

Miriam Rachel
7 min readNov 15, 2021
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You have probably wondered what intuition is and how you can use tarot cards to access it. Let’s talk about that, and if you figured that even though it is critical to learn the meanings of each tarot card, it is more important to find your definition of the cards, you are right. Not only must you find your interpretation of each tarot card, but you must learn to utilize your intuition as you read those cards. You can do this by reading for other people or yourself. Let’s firstly talk about intuition.

What Is Intuition?

Do you know that ‘gut’ feeling you get? The feeling you cannot shake off about something happening or anything in general? For instance, if you want to go to the mall but you have a terrible feeling about going to the mall at a particular time, but you cannot explain why you have that feeling — that is intuition. Perhaps your intuition tells you that either a car accident is likely to happen if you were to go to the mall at that time. Or, maybe if you went to the mall at that particular time, you would not be able to park due to a full parking lot. You get the idea. That is your intuition-that ‘gut’ feeling.

Here is the thing. Everyone is born with intuition. However, as you learn stuff once you go to school and develop other forms of judgment, desires, wants, experience fear and anxiety as you progress in life — those are the things that block intuition. Once your intellect develops, that will block out intuition as well.

The problem is that once your mind processes what is happening in the environment, that can easily hamper intuition. That is why your mind and your intuition are often at odds. Your emotions can complicate the mix as well. What happens? You cannot separate what you don’t want to happen and what you want to happen with intuition. A pessimistic and overly optimistic way of thinking, which has emotions tied to it, will taint your intuition. Sometimes a neutral way of thinking can also cause you to doubt your intuition, but you will be more receptive to it than thinking in a pessimistic and overly optimistic manner.

For instance, you are not facing any problems right now. Your job is stable, and your family is healthy, and you are doing well financially. However, you cannot shake off…

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